thumbnail May 2, 2019 NCP Well Represented at APsaA's 108th Annual Meeting
Featuring more than 40 clinical and research sessions, APsaA’s 108th Annual Meeting is an extraordinary venue to participate in a dynamic scientific program and to engage with colleagues nationally and...
thumbnail Apr 23, 2019 Comments on "A Psychotherapist Goes To Therapy — And Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine"
What Lori Gottlieb represents is, in some ways, a Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic ideal. "Physician Heal thyself" and "Know thyself," the great Greek Philosophers stated; and, in this way, Freud and,...
thumbnail Mar 21, 2019 My Friend Came Out as Gender Non-Binary
A close friend recently came out to me as gender non-binary. “I don’t identify with being a man, that’s actually never felt right,” Alex explained, “but I don’t feel like a woman either.”...
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