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thumbnail Jul 1, 2020 Parents Are Worn Out
It has been over three months that parents have been sheltering in place with their kids. When I ask parents what they are feeling, what I hear a lot is, “I am worn out.” To be clear, parents also...
thumbnail Jun 8, 2020 Statement from NCP in response to the current public health crisis in Los Angeles and the U.S.
We are now living through two grave public health crises. The Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare the dramatically heightened danger of death to members of our communities of color.  At the same time, racialized...
thumbnail May 4, 2020 Parents, take good care of yourselves so you can take good care of your child
The realities of Covid-19 have changed how CRC is doing the Reflective Parenting Program. With parents all sheltering in place we are conducting Reflective Parenting groups online using Zoom. Despite everyone...
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