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thumbnail Jul 26, 2019 Racism Experienced in Childhood Lasts a Lifetime
In the musical Guys and Dolls, Adelaide reads a psychoanalytically tinged medical textbook and concludes, “In other words, just from waiting around for that plain little band of gold, a person can develop...
thumbnail Jul 17, 2019 Apology to the LGBTQ+ Community
The New Center for Psychoanalysis (NCP) proudly supports the American Psychoanalytic Association, as well as a number of other psychoanalytic institutes and associations, in their recent apologies to the...
thumbnail Jul 16, 2019 NCP Member Susan Donner Awarded 2019 Rieger Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Award
Susan Donner, MD, NCP Member and Chair of NCP’s Child Analytic Committee, has been selected by the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) to receive the 2019 Rieger Psychodynamic Psychotherapy...
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