thumbnail Jul 11, 2018 Robert Dallek, PhD, Featured on NPR's Morning Edition
Presidential historian Robert Dallek, PhD, an honorary member of NCP, was prominently featured on NPR's Morning Edition today regarding his biography of FDR, Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Political Life. ...
thumbnail Jul 7, 2018 Statement Against Separation of Children from Parents at the United States Border
The New Center for Psychoanalysis unequivocally opposes the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents at the United States border.
thumbnail Jun 20, 2018 Psychoanalysis and the Birth of the Self
Congratulations to Mark Leffert, MD, whose new book, Psychoanalysis and the Birth of the Self, was just released by Routledge. This book draws psychoanalysis out of unsubstantiated, hermeneutic speculation,...
thumbnail Jun 12, 2018 Psychoanalysis in Cyberspace
-- NCP member Luis Nagy, PhD, will explore "Cyberspace, managing new tools for psychoanalytic development" in an IPA webinar on June 24 from 8-9:30 AM PDT. -- Wikipedia is the largest free access encyclopedia...
thumbnail May 30, 2018 Introduction to Peter Loewenberg’s Franz Alexander Lecture
On May 17, Peter Loewenberg, PhD, presented this year's Franz Alexander Lecture on the topic of "Max Weber, Sigmund Freud, Charismatic Power, and Political Leadership," comparing the lives and thought of two great Central European shapers of modern culture. We invite you to read the introductory remarks presented by David James Fisher, PhD.
thumbnail May 25, 2018 Book Signing Party: The Clinical Moments Project and Psychoanalytic Method in Motion
-- We are thrilled to announce the release of two greatly anticipated books by our esteemed NCP colleagues. -- Please join us for a special book signing party celebrating Conundrums and Predicaments in...
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