Children and Adolescents

When does a child need help?

Parents and teachers want children to develop and succeed, but some children encounter internal and/or external obstacles that knock them off typical pathways. Left untreated, these problems and their consequences can last a lifetime.  

If a child is experiencing distress and is unable to function at their best, they may need evaluation and possible treatment.

What is psychoanalytic intervention?

  • Early intervention and the psychoanalytic relationship together open pathways for greater emotional stability, effective coping skills, and improved relationships
  • Traditional and cutting-edge psychoanalytic psychotherapeutic interventions include: infant-parent therapy, individual and family therapy, play therapy, developmental guidance, and parenting sessions
  • Frequent sessions promote therapeutic momentum and resilience that can help ongoing developmental challenges
  • A uniquely personal therapeutic experience creates a safe space for freer expression of thoughts and feelings

NCP's Child and Adolescent Clinic 

NCP’s Child and Adolescent Clinic offers reduced-fee mental health evaluation and outpatient psychoanalytic psychotherapeutic services for infants, children, adolescents, and their families.

We offer:

  • Comprehensive mental health and developmental consultation and recommendations
  • Early intervention with child and adolescent outpatient psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and parenting sessions  
  • Sliding-scale fees adjusted to each family’s income and needs
  • Fully licensed and experienced clinicians in private offices in and around the greater Los Angeles area

Whom do we serve? 

We treat infants, children and adolescents (ages 0-21) experiencing a wide variety of difficulties, such as:

  • Dysregulation in infancy
  • Anxiety and post-traumatic disorders, autistic spectrum disorder, depression and mood disorders, eating and sleeping disorders, developmental delays
  • Attention and learning differences, behavioral disorders, social issues, adjustment issues and family conflict

Working closely with parents, we provide an in-depth understanding of each child’s individual struggles while providing parents with support and practical tools.

We have bilingual clinicians who speak Spanish, Russian, Farsi, Hungarian, Japanese and French

How does the Clinic work? 

  • Initial intake screening
  • Clinical Evaluation of the child and family
  • Potential psychoanalytic treatment recommendations, subject to availability
  • Other community referrals, if indicated
  • Financial assessment based on need

Contact the Clinic 

Alison Davies, Clinic Coordinator, at (310) 478-6541 ext: 117 or by email at