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The Research Education Section of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Department of Psychoanalytic Education (APsaA-DPE) in collaboration with the Research Committee of the New Center for Psychoanalysis (NCP)

This collection of Research Education Resources serves to provide materials for stimulating interest in topics and research relevant to psychoanalytic education.  Our goal is that materials made available here will stimulate critical thinking and will help ground psychoanalytic training in a framework that integrates psychoanalytic knowledge with relevant findings from other disciplines.

1. VIMEO Links to videos of APsaA-DPE Research Education Dialogue

– Critical Thinking and Research in Psychoanalytic Education
Presenters: Ellen Rees, M.D. & Otto F. Kernberg, M.D.
Discussant: Andrew J. Gerber, M.D., Ph.D.
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2019 – Another Look at Therapeutic Action and Implications for Psychoanalytic Training and Education
Presenters: John Clarkin, Ph.D. & Leon Hoffman, M.D.
Discussant: John H. Porcerelli, Ph.D.
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2020 - What Do We Mean by Corrective Emotional Experience and What is its Therapeutic Role?
Presenters: Glen Gabbard, M.D., Christopher Christian, Ph.D., and Mark Hilsenroth, Ph.D.
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2021 - The Role of Mentalization and Reflective Function in Psychoanalytic Treatment:
Presenters: Elizabeth Allison, Ph.D., Peter Fonagy, Ph.D., and Otto Kernberg, M.D.
Discussants: Morris Eagle, Ph.D., and Diana Diamond, Ph.D.

2. Links to Additional Resources

  • The APsaA Scientific Paper Prize established in 2004, the APsaA Scientific Paper Prize is an annual award for the most outstanding empirical paper relevant to psychoanalysis published in English in a peer-reviewed journal.  (This list is pending updates through 2020.)

  • APsaA’s CORE Bibliography

  • The International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) Open Door Review of outcome and process studies in psychoanalysis

  • Rapaport-Klein Study Group  A rich archive of programs from 1963 by leaders in the field who shared an interest in studying theoretical and clinical aspects of psychoanalysis and psychology, especially from a research point of view.

  • Peter Lilliengren’s compilation of RCT’s involving psychodynamic treatment or interventions

  • ​Psychoanalytic Research Consortium   
    This website introduces the Psychoanalytic Research Consortium and its resources including its library of recorded cases available to qualified researchers.  

  • IPA The Research Training Programme
    This multi-day program "provides attendees with opportunities for constructive consultation with regards to ongoing or planned research projects.  Aims also include providing useful training in empirical and practically meaningful approaches to psychoanalytic research."

3. Course Curriculum Resources 

4. Additional Sections Under Development

  • An archive of papers discussing research education or pedagogy
  • Archived materials from other sources - This project is a developing one.  Sections will be elaborated, modified, and updated as new materials become available.