Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Faculty

Susan Lynn Donner, MD, Chair
Barton Blinder, MD, PhD
Van DeGolia, MD
Katharine Gould, LCSW
Ethan Grumbach, PhD
Ben Kohn, MD, PhD
Stanley Leiken MD
Maria Lymberis, MD
Anita Saunders, PhD, LCSW
Estelle Shane, PhD
J. Mark Thompson, MD
Thomas Trott, MD
Andrea Weiss, PhD
Sharen Westin, MD

Child and Adolescent Supervising Analysts

Susan Lynn Donner, MD, Los Angeles, CA
Stanley Leiken MD, Los Angeles, CA
Alexandra Harrison, MD, Boston, MA
Jill M. Miller, PhD, Washington, DC
Jack Novick, PhD, Ann Arbor, MI
Kerry Kelly Novick, Ann Arbor, MI
Susan Sherkow, MD, New York, NY