Application for Membership

We are pleased you are considering applying for membership at the New Center for Psychoanalysis.

Applications are processed by the Membership Committee and approved by the Board of Directors once per month. If you have not graduated from an organized training institute affiliated with or approved by the American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) or the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA), additional materials regarding your training will be required.

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Education & Training

Membership Category

Please select the membership category to which you are applying:

Full Membership

A Graduate Psychoanalyst from a Psychoanalytic Institute approved by APsaA, IPA, or with equivalent training as determined by the Membership Committee in its sole discretion may become an Active Member.

Active Members with ten years or more may apply for Life Member status if practice is no more than 10 hours/week but want to remain involved in the affairs of the Center.

An active member of a sister psychoanalytic institute may apply as a Dual Member. Dual Members receive the same privileges as full members at NCP and must go through a separate approval process to be eligible to become NCP Faculty.

Full Member Dues $1200
Life Member Dues $450
Dual Member Dues $600

Privileges include voting and holding office, eligible for Institute Faculty, NCP website profile, library & PEPWeb subscription, and discount on facility rentals.

Psychoanalytic/Psychotherapy Associate Membership

Those who have completed the four years of psychoanalytic training but who are not pursuing the requirements of graduation; or who are graduates of either of NCP’s psychoanalytic psychotherapy programs or an equivalent program and have served on Center committee(s) for three years and have fulfilled other requirements as determined by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors.

Psychoanalytic/Psychotherapy Associate Member Dues $600

Privileges include voting rights, holding office (with the exception of President or Secretary), eligible as Adjunct Institute Faculty and/or Faculty for Psychotherapy Programs and Extension, NCP website profile, PepWeb subscription.

Psychotherapy/Professional Affiliate Membership

A graduate of a two (2)-year Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program in either Child or Adult Psychotherapy and/or is a practicing psychotherapist, physician, or academic.

Psychotherapy Affiliate Dues $300

Corresponding Membership

Someone geographically located outside of Southern California.

Corresponding Member Dues $300

Student Member Membership

A pre-licensed mental health professional and/or any graduate or undergraduate student with an interest in psychoanalysis who seeks association with NCP.

Student Member Dues $75 

Privileges include free entry to Scientific Meetings and NCP's Film & Mind Series and Student rate on other programs. 


Clinical Associate Membership (Must apply and be accepted through the Admissions Committee for Psychoanalytic Training.)

Please refer to for the Adult Psychoanalytic Training admission process and application.

Clinical Associate Member Dues - Tuition only

Privileges include voting rights after completion of First Year seminars, holding office (with the exception of President or Secretary; usually as Post-Seminar CA), NCP website profile, PepWeb subscription, and various discounts.


Honorary Member (Honorary Members are nominated by a current member and subsequently approved by the Board of Directors.)

A recognized preeminent member in the field of psychoanalysis and/or a local, national or international non-analyst for recognition of special services to psychoanalysis, related sciences, or the community. 

Honorary Member Dues $0

I agree to terms of NCP Membership and Hold Harmless Statement

Ethical Disclaimer

I hereby certify that to my knowledge:

Upload the required documents

- including undergraduate and post-graduate education and training including dates of graduation and/or certification and/or licensure, as well as professional association affiliation. Required for all membership types.

- If applying for Corresponding Membership, please provide professional license from your state. If retired, please provide a letter attesting to full retirement from practice. Required for all membership types except Student Member. 

- from a Psychoanalytic Institute approved by the American Psychoanalytic Association or The International Psychoanalytic Association. Required for Full/Life/Dual Membership and Psychoanalytic Associate Membership. 

- If relocating from another city/country, the letter must state that the applicant is a member in good standing. Required for Full/Life/Dual Membership.  

- Required for all membership types except Student Member or retired applicants.  

You must also mail two letters of recommendation directly to the Director of Membership Services at 2014 Sawtelle Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90025 - Required for all membership types except Student Member.