Feb 1, 2023 Peter J. Loewenberg Lifetime Achievement Award in Psychohistory
The Psychohistory Forum presented Peter Loewenberg with a Lifetime Achievement Award on January 14, 2023. Peter J. Loewenberg, PhD, is Professor of History Emeritus, UCLA; Dean and Director of the Training...
thumbnail Jan 29, 2023 The Role of Neuropsychoanalysis in Psychoanalytic Research
Research represents important challenges. Exploring, selecting, and/or designing the best method to generate knowledge can be most exciting, as it seems to satisfy our instinctual curiosity to understand...
thumbnail Sep 8, 2022 NCP Research at the APsaA Meeting
It has become obvious that the discipline of research in psychoanalysis has undergone a significant metamorphosis in the last two decades. From the classical dictum “every clinical case is a research...
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