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Populations Served
 Children and Adolescents  
 Older Adults  

Areas of Practice
 Aging, Death and Dying  
 Anger Management  
 Anxiety Disorders  
 Attachment Disorders  
 Autism Spectrum Disorder  
 Bipolar Disorder  
 Borderline Personality  
 Creative Blocks  
 Depression and Mood Disorders  
 Developmental Disorders  
 Eating Disorders  
 Family Conflict  
 Gender Identity  
 Grief and Loss  
 Infertility, Pregnancy, Prenatal, and Postpartum  
 Intimacy and Sexuality  
 Life Transitions/Adjustments  
 Medication Management  
 Narcissistic Personality  
 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder  
 Pain Management and Chronic Illness  
 Peer Relationships  
 Psychotic Disorders  
 Relationship Issues  
 School Issues  
 Suicidality and Self-Harm  
 Trauma and PTSD  
 Work/Career Issues