Areas of Practice: Transgender directory (4 members)

Jack Brennan MA
Areas of Practice: Depression and Mood Disorders; LGBTQQ; Anxiety Disorders; Trauma and PTSD; Gender Identity; Relationship Issues; Transgender
Ethan Grumbach PhD
Areas of Practice: Trauma and PTSD; LGBTQQ; Infertility, Pregnancy, Prenatal, and Postpartum; Transgender; Gender Identity; Depression and Mood Disorders; Anxiety Disorders
Justin Shubert PsyD, PhD
Areas of Practice: Transgender; LGBTQQ; Gender Identity; Diversities; Attachment Disorders; Anxiety Disorders; Depression and Mood Disorders
Shirah Vollmer MD
Areas of Practice: Eating Disorders; LGBTQQ; Transgender; ADHD; Depression and Mood Disorders; Grief and Loss; Gender Identity