Roderic Gorney

Roderic Gorney, MD, PhD

MFT; Psychiatrist
License # G-1730

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UCLA-NPI 760 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA

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Practice Information:

Areas of Practice: Depression and Mood Disorders; Anxiety Disorders; Intimacy and Sexuality; Grief and Loss; Relationship Issues
Years in Practice: 20 or more
Populations Served: Groups; Older Adults; Couples; Adults; Families


Roderic Gorney is an MD, professor of psychiatry and psychoanalysis at UCLA and NCP, and a published author (THE HUMAN AGENDA, 1973). He is a practicing psychiatrist-psychoanalyst in West Los Angeles. Gorney is also the founder/director of The Ashley Montagu Institute, whose mission is to disseminate and apply the works of renowned anthropologist Ashley Montagu, his mentor of 35 years. Gorney's work identifies the evolution of "values" as a specific human adaptation system. He also researched, lectured, and published on numerous topics including: the psychosocial determinants of achievement, aggression, and diAnxiety Disorders; the psychosocial impact on adults of tv drama; the evolutionary and clinical aspects of the psycho-physiologic-psychiatric concomitants of the menstrual cycle; and the role of simple living and touch in health. Gorney's new book in process develops Montagu's insight that love is not an emotion, passion, or sentiment, but at its core is an action that fosters the survival and fulfillment of the beloved.

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