Annia Raja


Annia Raja, PhD

License # California: PSY 32699 | Texas: PSY 37973

Practice Information:

Areas of Practice: Anxiety Disorders; Infertility, Pregnancy, Prenatal, and Postpartum; Work/Career Issues; Creative Blocks; Relationship Issues; Life Transitions/Adjustments; Diversities; Depression and Mood Disorders
Populations Served: Adults


Annia Raja PhD is a clinical psychologist specialized in providing in-depth therapy to high achievers struggling with anxiety, burnout, people pleasing, and problems with difficult parents. She also specializes in providing therapy to physicians for physician burnout and other physician-related concerns. She helps high achievers moved toward balance, worthiness, and confidence–all without the guilt and worry.

In therapy, I forge a deep therapeutic relationship with my clients, where we go beyond simply targeting symptoms or trying to “fix” our way out of hard stuff. From a space of curiosity and exploration, we will work together to unearth and create meaning around how certain patterns and experiences may be hurting you, keeping you stuck, and getting in the way of leading a richer and more fulfilling life. Broadly, I practice from a relational psychoanalytic / psychodynamic perspective—this means that I will collaborate with you to cultivate an introspective and open space where you can freely follow your mind, as I listen deeply and reflect with you to discover how patterns, feelings, behaviors, and internal dynamics play out in your life. Together, we will explore the depth and complexity within you as our means for creating lasting growth and change. Over time, we will dig into deeper stuff within you that is often hard to see on your own—be it by yourself or from other people in your life. This is also why therapy is different from other relationships like friendships, family, intimate partnerships, etc.

Through this process, we will put together the known and unknown puzzle pieces of your life and mind, moving you towards new ways of knowing, feeling, and experiencing.


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