Luis Vallejo


Luis Vallejo, MD

Psychiatrist; MD
License # A161174
Languages spoken: English

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Practice Information:

Areas of Practice: ADHD; Medication Management; Anxiety Disorders; Depression and Mood Disorders; Addictions/Substance; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder; Psychotic Disorders; Bipolar Disorder
Years in Practice: 6-10
Populations Served: Adults


I am an M.D. Psychiatrist who sees adults for med management and psychodynamic therapy in addition to psychoanalysis. My private practice is located at 6404 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1030, Los Angeles, CA 90048. My office phone is 424-475-9033 and email is

I just opened my practice on 7/1/2022 and have plenty of availability for referrals and new patients. I do well with variants of anxiety that involve both biological and psychodynamic models. I enjoy thinking from an evolutionary psychiatry standpoint that views mental health phenomenon from a broad systemic view that includes the biopsychosocial as well as Johns Hopkins' perspectives models. I'm meticulous with an engineering mindset that target multiple areas to cultivate synergistic mental health.