A Conversation with Adam Phillips Revisited

7:45 PM, November 13, 2018

David James Fisher, PhD, Chair of the Master Clinician-in-Residence Committee

The evening will feature a video of Jimmy Fisher’s Conversation with Adam Phillips from October 17, 2017, which began his weeklong visit as NCP's first Master Clinician-in-Residence.

In this broad-ranging interview, Phillips shares aspects of his psychoanalytic education and his analysis with the controversial Masud Khan. He discusses his Jewish identity and the ways in which anti-Semitism played a part in his life. There are fascinating comments on Freud and Winnicott, as he situates his inner connection to both theorists. He explores his views of psychoanalytic interpretation and listening strategies, relationality and sociability, and the optimal ways an analyst can approach his patients. Phillips elaborates his ideas about Winnicott’s advocacy of surprise, spontaneity, and play. The conversation demonstrates Phillips’s charm, fluency, love of paradox, his literary sensibility, and brilliance. It is an excellent point of entry into understanding him and his prolific publications.

There will be ample time for audience participation after the viewing of the video.