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The individuals listed in this directory are members of the New Center for Psychoanalysis who have chosen to submit the information about their practices on this website. NCP has not verified the accuracy of that information and does not make patient referrals. You may wish to contact the California Medical Board and/or the National Practitioners Data Bank, the California Board of Psychology, or the California Board of Behavioral Sciences when choosing a therapist. If you are looking for a therapist who accepts Medi-Cal (Medicaid) reimbursement, you may call 1-800-854-7771.

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Last Name
Degrees Areas of Interest Location
Roderic Gorney M.D., Ph.D. Treatment of adults, Psychoanalysis, dynamic psychotherapy, dynamic group psychotherapy, psychiatry, psychotherapy supervision, psychodynamic consultation to individuals, organizations. Westwood
Katharine Gould LCSW   Santa Monica
Kevin Groark PhD   Santa Monica
Ethan Grumbach PhD   Los Angeles
Howard Hansen M.D.   Santa Monica
Jamey Hecht PhD   Culver City
Carol Hekman Ph.D., Psy.D. Relationships, life transitions, self-esteem, depression, work conflict, loss, and aging Pasadena
Marsha Hewlett PhD   Newport Beach
Joshua Hoffs M.D.   West Los Angeles
Simon Horenstein MD   Encino
Ryan Horst M.D.   Santa Monica
Kenneth House M.D.   Malibu
Christine Hradesky MD,Ph.D   West Los Angeles
Robin Jacobs LCSW   West Los Angeles
Robert James M.D.   Los Angeles
Sylvia Jones Ph.D.   Los Angeles
Richard Kallus M.D.   Los Angeles
Leon Kaplan JD   Los Angeles
Nanette Karapetian LCSW   Los Angeles
Alan Karbelnig Ph.D.   South Pasadena
Laila Karme M.D.   Pasadena
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