THRIVE Infant-Family Program

An Affiliate of New Center for Psychoanalysis

THRIVE's vision is to understand the emotional development of the infant from the beginning, to facilitate communication in the infant-caregiver relationship, and to provide an environment for infants to thrive. They study infants' capacities for emotional communication and social relatedness as well as the corresponding abilities of caregivers. Their therapeutic interventions clarify infant communication and facilitate caregiver empathy and response. THRIVE provides training and education for professionals and disseminates knowledge to the community. 

THRIVE provides Infant Observation Seminars in the Tavistock Method for members of the community. They will be offering a six-session Introduction to Infant Observation in the Tavistock Method this spring. Please contact THRIVE if you know potential students who may have an interest in these seminars.

THRIVE Infant-Family Program hosts a supervision group with Björn Salomonsson (via Skype) for interested Adult and Child Psychoanalysts who wish to develop skills in infant-family psychoanalytic psychotherapy and discover the links for adult practice. The details of the group, including meeting time and cost, are not yet determined. Please contact THRIVE for more information.


THRIVE is happy to accept your donations for maintenance of their website and outreach efforts. Please mail your check to NCP in care of THRIVE Infant-Family Program. You may also wish to become an Adjunct Member of THRIVE Infant-Family Program to support their work and to participate in their Work Discussion Groups.                           

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